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Our Golden Rule

Parent Testimonial

"St. James School for Little Folks has a child friendly environment. The teachers are open to parent input. The staff is knowledgeable about child development. Staff from Park Ridge PREP complete evaluations on the children every year to determine any issues the kids may have developmentally. The teachers communicate with parents about the children's needs. The school provides progress reports regarding development, behaviors, and skills of the children. The teachers discuss these reports with parents to help parents interpret results. Since my son has been attending SJSFLF, he has learned about the meaning of Easter & many other Christian holidays. He has developed skills using the computer. He is able to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, sing various preschool songs, and write his name. They work on literacy skills as well. The school provides a variety of extra activities like Soccer Shots and Computer Pals. SJSFLF provides an educational environment that helps children prepare for kindergarten."


- Nancy D.

Christian Curriculum

Enrollment Information

The School for Little Folks accepts enrollment of children, ages 12 months (walking) to five years of age from all religions, denominations, and non-religious families. However, attendance at the weekly church service, which is general in nature and Christian activities within the classroom, is a requirement for all children. Participation in the service itself or classroom activities is voluntary.

Weekly Parent Responsibilities:

  • Zipper Backpack that fits in your child's cubby* (Please do place any ointments or medications in this bag)
  • 2 or more changes of clothes (appropriate to the weather) - maybe more if potty training
  • Underwear
  • Extra shoes
  • Crib Sheet - must fit in backpack*
  • Blanket, pillow and one soft nap time buddy - must fit in backpack*

*Items should be taken home each week and washed - Then returned on Mondays. Please be aware that these are the things allowed in student backpacks!

Responsibilities as needed:

  • Diapers or Pull-ups (only allowed in the toddler/two-year old room)
  • Wipes

As toddlers move from the one year old room into the two year old room, we begin the potty training process in hopes that our students will have grasped the concept before moving into the transitional room at 30 months of age.


Ensure your child benefits from a thorough and positive Christian education by enrolling at our Hendersonville, North Carolina, School For Little Folks campus.

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